The Horsemen (part 5)

The park seemed to guide them deeper into the trees, urging them forward. The small group walked forward, determined to reach the Indians. They were each consumed by their own thoughts and doubts. Famine walked on with a grim determination. He was going to get answers one way or another. His heart thumped in his chest as they entered the grove. The Indian Elders were seated on the soft mossy ground, like they were expecting company. Adahy stood off to the side, his arms crossed over his bare chest.

Famine approached the Indians, waiting for some kind of signal. The elderly woman motioned for them to sit. War opened his mouth to start demanding answers, but closed it with a click when Death gave a slight nod.

“I have gathered the remaining horsemen, but we need guidance before we start our journey,” Famine finally asked the silent circle.

“You are to bring balance back to the world. You have all been blessed with a gift and you must learn how to use that gift for good,” one of the elders replied.

“But how will we know what to do? We don’t want to kill everyone who gets in our way. I still don’t even understand why you chose me,” Famine could feel his frustration growing.

“We did not choose any of you. You are who you were born to be. Your path does not have to be that of death and destruction. You can decide how to bring about the balance. You can attempt to use reason as you see fit,” a second elder spoke.

Death felt his brother shift and prayed that he would hold his tongue. He closed his eyes and sighed as War spoke.

“You speak in useless riddles. Can you not just tell us where to go and who to defeat? We have already restored balance to our city before we were dragged to your park.”

“You hold much bitterness in your heart, but you know what you must do. You have already succeeded in your city, now you must succeed elsewhere. You must use your power for good, do not seek out the war. You must end the war,” the woman finally answered.

War stared at the woman as understanding dawned on him. They needed to end the gangs, but the gangs needed to have the opportunity to choose their own fate. They could not force anyone to do anything, but they could not allow innocents to suffer. He felt his anger ebb away as he accepted his own fate.

Death felt the change in his brother. The anger that usually emanated from him faded away. He was glad that his brother could accept his fate, but he doubted that he would ever be okay with his role.

“You need not fear you role,” Death and Pestilence turned towards the second elder. “Just because your gift is to take life does not mean that you have to take them. You can decide what to do with your gift. You can use it to heal or to judge. The responsibility is on your shoulders.”

Pestilence gave a faint smile as she imagined using her gift to heal instead of helping people end their lives. Death returned her smile, still unsure how he could use his gift.

“So, we just model each city we pass through after the twin’s city? Killing anyone who stands in our way,” Famine asked in shock.

“The route you take to achieve balance is up to you. We can not tell you what to do. Our time is coming to an end. We are short for this world, it is up to you,” the first elder said in hushed tones.

Before Famine could ask anything else, the Indians stood and left the clearing as one. He still had questions, but he knew one thing for sure. There were no more answers for them in the grove. He looked at his companions and was glad to see that at least they looked more sure of their quest. Bringing balance back would be a long process, but he knew that with them, it would not be impossible.

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