Making a mess, I mean memories…..

We got the monster a lot of superhero and Star Wars action figures, because every time she sees them she gets so excited! Her toy combinations are so original and hilarious.
The Riddler took a vacation in the Falcon. Move over Chewie, there is a new wingman in town.


Her imagination cracks me up. Later in the day, the Joker got a speeder bike while the Red Ranger followed behind on Captain America’s motorcycle.


Apparently, the speeder bike was not good enough. The Joker moved onto the Tauntaun and united the criminals.


Watching the way the monster plays is one of my favorite things. She chooses the superheroes over her princesses everyday! I love my little nerd, she brings so much joy into our lives.


First blog post

My first blog post, it’s more then a little intimidating opening up and sharing myself like this. I have been writing for most of my life, but rarely shared my stories with anyone. I recently took the plunge and started looking for beta readers for my first book. The sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach grew with every email I sent. I worried that they would hate it or that it would not be good enough. I debated on never sending those emails, but I clicked send despite my reservations.

Starting a blog makes that pit in my stomach grow. I have never tried to blog before, what do I know?!

I know I love writing. I know I have an amazing support system through friends, family, and my amazing husband. I know that the worst thing that can happen is that my book might never get published. I know not everyone will like my stories. You can not please everyone, you can just try your best and let the negativity roll away.

I am using this blog to get my stories out there. I know that pit will be there every time I post something, but I will keep posting as long as people keep reading.