Journey to Styxaz (part 2)

Captain’s Log Day 201
Today, we made first contact. I’m not sure I can find the words to describe what we’ve seen, but I will try. 

Upon landing on Mars, we immediately began to work on repairing the ship. We took a break to explore the surrounding area. It was not long before the city came into view. The walls were made of some sort of glistening material. It would have been considered bright, but the wall was dulled by the shining buildings. The buildings stood taller than any I’ve ever seen before. 

We approached the city, careful to remain hidden. When we finally saw the inhabitants, all rational thought failed us. We ran back to the ship. The data said we should findlife, but nothing could prepare me for that. 

When we reached the ship and locked ourselves inside, I tried to reflect on what we had seen. The inhabitants had light blue skin, it almost seemed transparent. Their limbs were strangely elongated and bent at awkward angles. They appeared to be hairless and wore open, billowing robes

I sat back, trying to think of what else to add, but nothing seemed to be making sense. I started to close out of the entry, when I sift knock rang out in the ship. My heart skipped a beat as someone knocked on our door again.