The Princess and the Monster

“Please, I’m so hungry. I promise I won’t try to leave again,” she pleaded with her silent capture.
The manacle on her leg clanked loudly as she fell to her knees. She looked up at her capture, her eyes swimming with tears, desperate for any kind of food. She winced as a bowl was dropped in front of her, splashing the tasteless oatmeal all over her and the floor.
Her capture looked at her with glee as she ate the disgusting food by the fistful. She would learn or she would starve.

Princess Elania shoved the painful memories of the tower and her life there aside. She was never going back. She vowed to never touch oatmeal again.
The Princess’s heart soared as her hair whipped in the wind. She had been trapped in that tower for as long as she could remember. She had spent every second of everyday in constant fear and dread. From all that she could gather, her parent’s had sent her there when she was very young.
Princess Elania could not even remember what her parent’s looked like anymore. Everytime she tried to ask why she was trapped in this tower, her capture answered with stony glares and silence.
Her capture was a monster. The longer she stayed trapped the more she became aware of that fact. The only times she ever stepped outside, the monster hovered close by to keep her in check.
“This is amazing,” Elania laughed as her prison faded into the distance.
Her face ached from smiling so big. She honestly could not believe that someone had finally come to her rescue. She had started to believe that she was going to die in that tower, never knowing why she had been abandoned there. Her smile faded as she tried to remember her parent’s face’s.
“Please, can’t I just see them? I don’t understand!” Elania screamed at her capture’s back as he walked away.
He turned and his face split into an evil toothy grin. He seemed amused by the tears streaming down her face. A low rumble echoed around the room.
“Are you laughing,” she sobbed, realizing she was never going to leave her prison.

Her heart had broken that day. She knew no one was coming for her and no one ever would. It was just going to be her and the monster forever. That was the day she learned that she had to look after herself.
“Where are you taking me,” she called after her rescuer.
Her rescuer looked back at her with kind eyes and a soft face, but he did not answer. She didn’t really care what the answer was, as long as she was free. She tried to soak everything in, the green plants and the beautiful rolling hills. She had never seen anything but stone walls before.
When the tower was far behind them, her rescuer folded his giant wing’s and landed softly on the springy grass. Smoke curled up from his nostrils as she climbed off of his scaly back. The dragon looked back at her, before opening his wings and with one gigantic thrust, shot into the sky. She watched him circle gracefully, before flying off into the sunset.
Elania did not know why that dragon had saved her from the tower, she just knew she would be forever greatful to be away from her supposed Prince.

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