My Favorite Character

When I started writing Tony and the Tamers, I was the typical nerdy teen. I wanted all of my characters to be relatable and in doing that, they all turned out the same. I worked on my book all through High school and stopped during college.
When I started working in it again, I realized I needed to do some serious rewriting to fix the characters. The four main characters are Tony, Patrick, Jared, and Matt. They all had family issues and were angry with the way their lives had turned out.
Instead of furthering the story, I immediately began to fix each character’s origin and attitude. I had a notebook where I wrote everything I could think of, down to hair color and height. I like to call this process brain dumping. While brain dumping, I grew to love Patrick. Other then his traumatic upbringing, I feel the most kinship to him.
Since he is my favorite, I decided I wanted to give him his time in the spot light and tell everyone about little bit about him!
Patrick Nero is a fifteen year old prince, who tries to live up to his father’s impossible standards. He has spent his life constantly training to be the perfect soldier and always falling short. He grew up alongside Tony, who seemed to excell at everything.
One of the things that I relate to most, is his constant second guessing. Growing up with his pushy father, he realized from a very young age that he was never going to be smart enough or strong enough. I think not being enough is a fear that everyone has deep down.
Patrick struggles to accept his role on the mission, even after he learns some of what he is capable of.
Every time he starts to get confidence, something happens (either real or in his head), that shakes it. I love watching him progress from a sad prince to a serious contender.
I love all of my characters, but Patrick has a special place in my heart. I love writing from his point of view and watching him grow into a man.

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