It’s the Wars man!

Our potty training adventure continues. Our monster is a year and seven months and doing amazing! Since I’m packing less in the diaper bag, I wanted a smaller bag. I decided to sew her a backpack big enough for her stuff that she can carry herself.
Through my own purchases and friends, I ended up with quite a bit of Star Wars fabric. I debated on what to use it for, but my mind was finally made up when she started bringing me the fabric and singing the Star Wars theme song. She is crazy about all things Star Wars!


I could not find a pattern for a kid sized backpack that I loved, so I decided to wing it. I started by just cutting out the basic shape and size I wanted the backpack.
The strap was a little bit tricky. I didn’t want it to be too flimsy and I wanted it to grow with her. I ended up using fabric folded over some paracord.
I sewed a pocket on the inside for crayons or cars, depending on what she packs. I will also be adding an elastic pocket on the outside for a sippy cup.
It definitely is a work in progress and has it’s mistakes, but for my first attempt I’m pretty thrilled with the way it is coming together! I can not wait to share the end product!


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